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Skellig by David Almond

“I have to write my essays by the dozens, where do I even find time to read books I need to review?” – that’s the question many students ask themselves. In our sample directory, you can find dozens and dozens of sample book reviews and reports to use as writing models and save time. This particular example is after “Skelling” by David Almond.

In 1998 Skellig won the Carnegie Medal as well as Whitbread award and remains the most famous and readable book. This short novel book contains 170 pages that are full of essential themes and images. The author David Almond is considered to be Gabriel Garcia Marquez in literature for children.

A 10 year old Michael and his family moves to a new house with a bad repair and one day Michael discovers some strange creature akin to angel in his garage, the so-called skellig who lives there with insects and spiders . In spite of that skellig seems to contain feathers and carries on his kith and kin in as much good shape as he can afford. Michael helps skellig. Meanwhile people wonder who he might be – an owl, an angel or some other creature.

Michael meets a girl named Mina who lives opposite his house. She does not go to school and gets her education at home under the guidance of William Blake writings. Mina helps baby birds that live in her garden. One day Michael decides to introduce his neighbor to skellig. They discover that he has wings, that he is young and beautiful. Michael finds out that he can feel heartbeat of his younger sister and starts to believe that love can help people to become better. Moreover, skellig saves Michael’s sister from arthritis. Then skellig flies away and the novel ends up happily.

In this tale the author frequently refers to William Blake. In fact, skellig has been characterized as Blake’s sketch brought to reality in prose. It is a highly realistic story sodden with realism.


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