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Essay about Autism

The nature of autism remains unknown to scientists. However, if you need to craft a paper about this condition, our essay writing service has several relevant sample papers you can use to draw ideas. One of them is right below.

Autism is a relatively new notion in our public knowledge and scientific literature. The majority of the specialists consider autism to be a disease and a lot of qualitative and quantitative researches were done in order to understand the nature and causes of this problem. While medicine and psychology are trying to treat autism, other sciences try to look at this state from completely different angle.

The contradiction and variance in opinions and views on autism went so far as too create bi-polar position in the scientific world, where one side claims that autism is an abnormal deviation from “normality” and another side is trying to gather and provide evidence in favor of unusual and extraordinary nature of autism. Up to now none of the sides managed to convince the society and people who are directly involved in relations with autistic cases. What is already proven by the empirical data is that autism has strong genetic roots that, in practice, mean that in future we will, probably, evidence more and more cases of this occurrence.

Autism received a lot of attention from cinematography and during the last couple of years we could see several movies dedicated to the subject of autism, where director was trying to show the unusual and hidden side of people who were diagnosed autism and usually presented these people as those who were given special abilities not known to regular people, which made them see the world from a different, but not necessarily wrong, perspective. These movies, from my point of view, reflect expectations and beliefs of many parents whose child has autism. While the occurrence of autism is not fully examined and analyzed and while there is some undisclosed behaviors and abilities that can be seen in the children with autism diagnose, parents and those who surround these kids in their social environment will believe in their specificity. Unless proven differently, this hope would persist to help both sides to enjoy their life like Temple Grandin or Forest Gump in cognominal movies!


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