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Psychological Aspects of Anger Management

One of the advantages of using an essay writing service for a customized sample is flexibility. For example, we can prepare with equal ease a dissertation on anger management or convey the gist of the topic in a one-page essay, like the one below.

Anger is one of the basic emotions and all of us experience it in certain situations. From an evolutionary perspective, anger has been given to people in order to survive. If something negative happens in a person’s life, it usually irritates him. Anger is a normal reaction in such situations. It helps to resist them and facilitates their solution. It always helps to prove one’s point or to say “no” when it is necessary. Anger is considered as an irritation of secondary or higher degree. Unfortunately, it can result in rage, or even violence. Everything depends on the person, situation and the ability to control negative feelings.

Initially, this emotion was not considered as negative. But today it is one of the most frowned upon emotions in society. We are forced to avoid any manifestation of anger. As a result, the problem often remains unsolved. In fact, anger is a very positive feeling. Occurring in dangerous situations, it mobilizes internal strengths to resist the threat. Many people confuse anger with fury and spite, but they are different. In order to make the best of the first and avoid the latter ones, it is recommended to learn anger management.

There are three ways of human behavior in the situations that cause anger. The first way is passive aggression. It can also be defined as "escape from problems". Passive aggression is the worst possible method of solving the problem. People don’t know what to do with their anger. The reason of such behavior is cowardice. The man is afraid to show aggression, but his emotions may explode any moment. The consequences can be more than unpleasant.

The second way is called "devastating". Anger is manifested in the loud and rude manner. Oaths, curses, verbal and physical abuse, destruction of objects are peculiarities of such way. It happens quite often in our life. This is not the best way to manage anger, but it is much better than the previous one.

Creation of relationships through anger management is a third way. A person tries to find a solution and thinks logically in such situation. It’s hard to be polite and think logically when emotions boil inside. However, this method of anger management is the best one. It is the only one way to drive positive results out of anger. The result of the conflict will be creation of new relationships. It is a peaceful solution of any interpersonal problems.

To sum up, if you know how to deal with your anger, then your life will change significantly. You will be very close and understanding to your husband or wife and friends. Now the ability to avoid conflict situations is very appreciated in our society.


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