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Essay About Mother in Your Life

Who is mother in your opinion? Many people when they are asked this question give quite different answers just as when they are asked about Bible. So I wonder if she is the one who brings us into this world. Is mother the one who cares about us, feeds us, looks after us and loves us like no other?

Many people would get baffled at the perplexity and the apparent simplicity of this question. A mother is not just a woman who brings us into this world. But if a mother gives birth to a child and then leaves it on the road to die, you cannot call her a mother. In contrast, a woman, who has not given birth to that child (on the road) but takes it home and treats this child as if he or she were her own, is a good mother. In fact, the latter would be a better mother than the one who originally gave birth to that child.

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We celebrate Mothers’ Day because we rejoice and acknowledge their contribution to the society and mankind as a whole. We also celebrate the spirit of motherhood because the power God has placed in the hands of a woman is incredible. She has the power to reproduce and the power to give birth to life, without which all mankind would cease to exist.

The first teacher of a child is his mother she is the one who inculcates the values the child lives with during the whole life. She is the one who…

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