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I’d Like to Invent This

Necessity is the mother of all invention. What do you need the most? An alarm clock that you cannot skip? A bracelet that zaps you when you are about to say something stupid? A cloud essay writing services platform that projects brilliant ideas directly into your head? Let’s fantasize!

We live in time when new technologies and inventions appear almost every day. Our grandparents and even parents could not imagine that these changes would happen in reality, but not in fantastic novels. We cannot realize our world without many of them (just think about living without Internet). Today we can dream of such unreal things as flights to other planets, human and animal cloning, growing organs of our bodies, telepathy, teleportation, etc. and it is not fantasy, as everything we need is time and improving existing technologies.

If I had a chance, I would invent a time machine. The trilogy “Back to the future” was the beginning of this idea. But my time machine should have a shape of a big balloon or a sphere, inside which you could stand and travel to the past or to the future. Being inside it you could see, watch, hear everything and everybody, because the sides of the machine are crystal and clear for you, but at the same time the sphere with you inside must be invisible for the environment and you can influence on nothing.

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Many of us would like to change some moments, mistakes in our past or change our future, if it is unpleasant for us. I think that it is not good, because our past is invaluable experience, which is useful for our growing up, developing of our mind. Anyway, very often we forget the past faults and repeat them again. That’s why I want to make the time machine – just for realizing what we’ve done wrong so as not to repeat it in future. It would be useful for different scientists and will help them find out how appeared and developed flora and fauna or even a human race! But as fir me, I wouldn’t like to travel to future, cause the less you know the better you sleep.

Well, now I really wish to…


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