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If I Could See One Color

There are people who are color blind and do not recognize some colors, while there are others who can see and comprehend all of them. But I have always wondered how it would feel if I could only see one color.

When seeing only one color, I would not be able to enjoy the colorful flowers in the gardens and I would not also be able to watch movies with the same pleasure as I can now, as well as the color of the wonderful sight when the sun sets will not please me.

I would not be able to appreciate the colorful sight of chicken and pizza and I would be compelled to know the food is nice by smelling its flavor. At the same time, I would not be able to know when my clothes get dirty and this fact alone would make me a laughing-stock to my friends.

Back inside my home, I would not be able to distinguish the color of the carpet, the lush green color of my lawn and the color of the cars parked in the neighborhood. If I walked into a supermarket, I would not be able to choose the color of the items I wanted to buy and I would have to ask what the color of the thing I wanted to buy was.

Thus, life would be very monotonous, because…

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