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Descriptive Essay About The Beach

What comes to your mind when you think about beach? Most probably its will be sand, water (lake, ocean, etc.) and sunny weather. Some of us will probably remember how we went to the beach with our parents when we were children, or some funny episodes from the times we were teenagers. Beach is often shown and positioned as a positive and sunny place, where people spend their summertime and have a lot of fun. Most of us have at least one photo on the beach, which always brings pleasant memories.

There are numerous fun activities that can be done at beaches. The most popular activity among children is building castles from sand, collecting seashells, or playing in the water near the shore. As for the teenagers – it can be water activities, beach volleyball, various card games, surfing (if it is an ocean beach), etc. Grown-ups usually have picnics with families or friends, sun tan, or just spend time in a pleasant company. There is no strict set of activities for various ages. Actually, you may do whatever you wish, but always think about other people on the beach. They also came here to have a rest and spend a holiday, so do not spoil their day.

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Anyway, beach is not only emotions and activities – it is also a geological term. In geology there are several types of beaches in addition to the sandy ones. They are rocky, pebble, and boulder beaches – each of them is made through different sea and wind processes. Wind and water may create enormous and beautiful things, which stagger the imagination. Amazing beaches throughout the world are only the smallest portion of the miracle.

To sum up, there can hardly be…

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