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An Animal I Would be

From time to time, before I fall asleep, I think about odd things: I try to imagine how I would exist on Mars, or what a person I would be, if I was born in a different country and in a different family. Yesterday I thought about what an animal I would be, if I wasn’t born a human being.

I consider that I would be a cat. Why? It is hard to explain. I think that any animal, like any person, has some typical traits of character and the traits cats possess remind me most of all my own ones.

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Cats belong to animals, which dislike obeying and prefer to live in the way they want to live. That’s why sometimes people say that cats have difficult characters, but I know for sure that if you make friends with a cat, you’ll see the situation from another side: you will see that cats are very affectionate, tender and caressing. When you are in a bad mood, or when you feel lonely, be sure that your cat will notice it and certainly will sympathize you: it will come, look into your eyes, purr and lick your nose with its wet tongue. It will undoubtedly make you smile.

I consider that cats are very graceful, sedate and dignified animals. Sometimes they are a bit lazy and this peculiar laziness adds them even more charm. They are the only animals who know their worth. And I’m convinced that not without reason the king of beasts, lion, belongs to the cat family.

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