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Family Roots Essay Example

I established an eternal bond with my home in Georgia and Cleveland, Ohio, as my mother surpassed continents to help me accomplish my goals. My mother encouraged my legacy to develop strength and resilience in me. She helped me motivate positive thoughts in difficult situations to execute control over a specific condition. She consistently reminds me of the unique opportunities in the competitive world. Studies found a negative correlation between taking things for granted in sports and never developing an unhealthy mindset. I found multiple challenges in schools and tennis courts, but the familiar values promoted self-sufficiency and a fighting spirit to initiate a new future. Also, I experienced some physical and emotional health consequences in childhood that negatively impacted resilience-building strategies.

Nonetheless, familiar inheritance and parental expectations of childhood memory triggered my insights into international exposure and global competitions. Uncle Loni, my father’s brother in Ohio, shares numerous knowledge of personal and professional development in sports like tennis. I found a supportive environment under his guidance. The link between my resilience and motherly connectedness provided a coping approach to help me develop various skills, such as social competence, autonomy, problem-solving, decision-making, kindness, and a fighting attitude (Benard 78). The process and practice during tennis should be empathetic to reveal self-reflection with a well-adjusted individual. Although the soil of Georgia and Cleveland is dissimilar with each particle, my subconscious power motivates link heritage and foundation rights to work for the welfare of both places. Moreover, the legacy entangled me with the self-worth to meet sports-related challenges in diverse settings.

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