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Persuasive essay on sexual abuse and incest should be banned

Issues of Sexual Abuse and Incest

I strongly believe that this topic is dedicated to two different subjects that, despite having something in common, still represent and touch upon different moral and ethical values. The major difference is that one is illegal and is committed against the wish of one of the people involved, while the second one can be the consequence and result of mutually desired behavior. With that in mind, it is important to treat and analyze these occurrences separately.

First, let us talk about sexual abuse. The major and radical truth is that sexual abuse is the crime against the rights and freedom of individual living in our society. When the rights and freedom of one individual were in any sense limited or violated by another person – the society and law must step in and punish the violator. Sexual abuse is one of the strongest crimes and, therefore, should be punished at a maximum possible level of legal measures. There should be no doubt about the importance to widely recognize sexual abuse as one of the highest levels of crime.

Now, moving to the second part of our analysis and discussion, we are considering incest. According to standard definition, incest is the sexual relation between close relatives. It is illegal in the vast majority of jurisdictions and almost always contradicts the religion. The law and various social communities treat incest differently, thus, it is important to highlight once again the mutual nature of this fact. We can look at incest from legal, social and ethical angles and all of these positions will probably provide different arguments in terms of whether incest has a right to exist or not. I would prefer to leave this question for experts that can really analyze this fact and its negative impact on humans rather than debating on the basis of moral and ethical aspects of incest that will always vary.

Sexual abuse and incest are…

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