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Distinguishing Attributes of My Character Essay Example

It’s difficult to think critically about your own character. No wonder many students are confused and seek help from our paper writing service with such assignments. We can supply a perfect sample so you will no longer dread this type of essay!

Does any specific attribute, quality or skill distinguish you from everyone else

Everyone is different and possesses positive and negative qualities. People can usually name several weak and strong points about themselves when the time passes. My major distinguishing characteristic is a good knowledge of myself and ability to apply my best qualities in the situations when they can benefit. I really know what I worth and where I need to improve and believe that this knowledge distinguishes me from many other people.

Based on the above, I can name two major qualities that have become an attribute of my personality and for better or worse determine the way I approach things and the way I see my surrounding environment. First of all, I am a perfectionist and, in spite of the fact that I do not believe that perfection can be achieved, I still target at it, as settling yourself for less would mean undermining possible advantages and results of the process you are working on. Perfectionism is a good quality, unless it becomes a stumble block on the way to progress and then it can turn into a disadvantage caused by inability to look deeper in things and move on. I realize both sides of this attribute and believe that I learned to get only the best out of it.

Second, I am very good in time management. I believe that time and money is the currencies of the modern economics and life in general. I learn from my mistakes and successes to better utilize my time for work and leisure. As I believe good time management is the way to manage stress, I can also add that I have a healthy balance of professional and personal life and know how to organize my day and enjoy every single minute of it.

We all need constant development, as learning curve in…


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