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Forrest Gump Movie Review Example

The film follows the life of Alabama native Forest Gump, a good man with an ideally low IQ of 75, as historical events occur through his eyes. Jenny Curran was one of Forrest Gump’s few childhood friends and his first and only romantic interest. Throughout the film, Gump regularly experiences adversity but never loses his positive outlook. He may have been physically impaired, but he always retained sight of the big picture. He overcame adversity with his mother’s support and received a football scholarship.

We’ve learned much about the Vietnam War from the packages, and this film covers some of that material. The conflict, as we now know, was fought between North and South Vietnam. Wartime service for Gump in the United States. He contributed to the war effort by helping save several other soldiers’ lives. Despite being shot in the butt, he continued. He will shortly get the Congressional Medal of Honor in recognition of his valor. In addition to this well-known historical event, Forrest Gump and his friends are shown the moon landing of 1969 on his television while he plays ping pong. In class, we discovered that Nixon was in office during the Apollo 11 moon landing. I liked that the film portrayed the idea that genius is not a prerequisite for greatness. Forrest Gump, who seems like a regular guy but does incredible things, is an excellent representation of this. He may have been physically restrained for a while, but once that was lifted, he showed everyone what he was made of (Fan).

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While I was disappointed in how their relationship progressed, I still liked watching the movie with his love interest. Tom Hanks, who played Forrest Gump, did a fantastic job in part, and his performance nearly equalled that of the book. I’d rate this film a solid 4.5 on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, because it’s an engaging presentation of historical events that a modern audience member may even understand. I would suggest this video to anyone interested in good time and a deeper grasp of the historical events depicted. 

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