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I Saw the Weirdest Thing

I’m definitely sure that almost all of us at least once in life have seen something weird, extraordinary and odd, and something that doesn’t have any logical sense or explanation. Some people met ghosts, others saw the UFO and different unusual creatures. There still exist many weird things in our lives.

Frankly speaking, I can hardly say that I have a vast experience in weird things that cannot be explained. Still, I remember one episode. It happened several years ago. I collected plush bears and my aunt presented me a collection of nine new ones for my birthday. It was a collection of a big bear family including bear-parents, bear-grandparents and many bear-children. I fell for my new collection at once, which is why I put them all at the foreground of the shelf in my room.

Every day when I returned home I threw a glance at my bears and only then set about my work. One day I came into my room and noticed that the bear-granny had disappeared. I searched my room, asked all the members of my family, but all was for nothing. In about a week the same happened to one of bear-children. In three or four days another bear-child disappeared. I was grieving for several days. Finally, I grabbed all the bear family into a box and put it into the closet.

I haven’t found these three toys till now and I cannot find a sensible explanation to their disappearance. It could be …

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