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Essay on Theory of Mind

Each of us was given the ability and gift to understand people from cognitive and emotional aspects. Theory of mind is the notion that describes the ability of an individual to sense and analyze the way of thinking of another person. One of the greatest parts of this theory is the capability of one person to see things and realities from another person’s perspective. In real life this complicated definition means that people who know the theory of mind will be able to admit that their opinion is not a universe truth and will be open for the discussion of various views on the specific subject. People who lack the proper knowledge in this field in the same situation will most probably find it extremely difficult to understand why no one else sees that their opinion is correct and will be put off by the time spent for the discussion of obvious (from their perspective) subjects.

We are all people, but we are so different, which makes us interesting for each other and pushes us forward in terms of personal and social development. What is impressive is that today’s differences are much stronger as the ability and opportunities to meet people with other cultural backgrounds are much wider. This allows us to see how varied and interesting can the world be if seen with someone else’s eyes. Unfortunately, not everyone can separate his or her opinion from the reality and these people miss the opportunity to enrich their life and understand better the nature of our mind.

What do you know what I don’t know? It is probably the…

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