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Critical Essay on Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights is a mysterious and unique novel. It was written by Emily Bronte under the pseudonym of Ellis Bell. The story takes place in the Yorkshire manor, that’s why the book`s title derives from that area. Wuthering Heights is unusual story about vibrant, passionate and tragic love of Catherine and Heathcliff. This story has a great number of different critical responses. Still, all critics agree that this novel has special amazing features, as it attracts more and more readers from all over the world. It helps readers pledge into the world of magic dreams and fantasy. First critical essays on Wuthering Heights appeared back in 1980′es. They are still actual nowadays, as the story can be applied to any time and conditions. Some critics consider relations between main characters as deep love, but others think it to be wild passion. The words of heroine Catherine Earnshaw considering the fact that love doesn’t always bind the hearts of two people, but can be a devastating feeling, express the main idea of the author.

Another particular feature of this novel is that there is no hero, who can surely be called positive. In fact, it is not really wide-spread in other novels. All the main characters are described quite truthfully in Wuthering Heights. Everyone has some flaw or defect. Heathcliff is the central male personage of the novel, but his image without a doubt is inhuman in general. Catherine Earnshaw is spoiled and selfish, while Hindley Earnshaw is very jealous. Such details can be found almost in every character in this novel.

Emily Bronte is more lyrical than romantic. She tries to show life without…

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