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Essay on Human Understanding

Human Understanding and the Role of Languages

Generally known and the most accepted way of communication between people is language. People express themselves through the way they speak and with the help of their conversational style. The problem is that there are more than six thousand recognized languages in the world that basically means that at least in six thousand cases people will not understand each other unless they develop other ways of understanding. Driven by this requirement, people developed the language of gesture and mimics, intonation and emotions to better understand each other. In a similar way, they have developed human understanding that influences and develops the connection between our personality and individuality of other people. There are as many personalities and opinions as people in the world and this number is growing every day.

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John Lock was the first philosopher who started to talk and analyze the problem of human understanding. His work reached its apogee in the Essay Concerning Human Understanding. This subject was further analyzed by some of his followers. Modern science looks at human understanding from various aspects. Major elements that build individual perception and have to be included in the portfolio of personal apprehension are religion, culture, social level and philosophical views. Numerous studies have been done to find out the way human brain works to develop understanding and facilitate relationships between people.

The importance of human understanding is almost impossible to underestimate and this aspect will always play a major role in interpersonal relationships. This issue, however, until now remains one of the blind spots of human relations due to its inconsistent nature and high dependability on the changes in the environment from moral, social and technological standpoints. With that in mind there will always be a room for further research and analysis of this topic and imperial experiment that requires continuous re-vision of the conclusions based on the realities of the modern world.

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