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Persuasive essay on free public transport for everybody for or against

Pros and Cons of Free Public Transport

Public transportation is an extremely valuable offer that government gives to the citizens. Looking at the public transport systems around the world in attempt to find the ideal set is very interesting. It is almost impossible to find the system that will always be appreciated by employees of the system, government and, of course, users of the public transport.

Public transportation and the way it should develop and benefit population in the country is one of the topics that media gives special attention. First of all, public transport and its role in development of convenient and easy living for elderly people from low-income families as well as disabled individuals is always on top of the social responsibility discussions. Should public transportation be free for everyone? Should it provide particular population segments with discounts and subsidies for its usage? Or should it be based on commercial ground and become a revenue generating tool for the governmental authorities? These are the core issues that are debated on high levels in the government as well as among regular citizens of the countries we live in.

From my perspective, the purpose of public transport is to help people be mobile in the cities. It is especially important for elderly people, children and those, who for various reasons cannot afford personal transport. On the other hand, this is an investment of governments in protection of the environment and reduction of the pressure on traffic and air pollution. With that in mind…

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