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Essay about USA

When you come to our paper writing service for help, you can be sure to get an original and engaging sample, even on the most common and general topic. For example, read the piece below written on a specification as vague as “an essay about the USA.”

For those who love history, irrespectively of their cultural background and interests, USA is the country worth learning about. Walking through the centuries and various paths of economical, political and cultural background, one will keep opening new and unexpected facts and gain valuable lessons the history of the United States of America can give to future generations. Starting with the foundation of the states back in 1776-1789, when the country went through tremendous Cultural Revolution, re-evaluation of the values and up to the modern days and the role the country plays on international economical and political arena, can show how everything may drastically change within a couple of centuries. Not many countries succeed to do it in such a short time.

The essay is to serve as an example of our work, same as all other samplecustom essays.

Let us take a look at the history of the two major cities – San Francisco and Los Angeles – that have, from my point of view, represented on a city level the entire transition of country and have always been on top of the US industrial and cultural development. The USA, being a united country and nation, still experience some cultural competition and split of the roles that are taken over by the states and cities. Los Angeles and San Francisco with their constant cultural and industrial competition are, probably, the best examples for this point. I strongly believe that constant healthy competition, which is ongoing between various states, is one of the strongest drivers for the country’s development and progress.

Current state of events is not very favorable for theUSA, but, as history has proven, time is cyclical and the roles and importance of different governments in the political life of people are constantly changing. Countries like the US, however, will always dictate the direction of the economical and political development to certain extent, as well as serve an example of various internal and external relationships. We know the USA to be a powerful nation with strong organizational system. What other examples can we take from the history and current state of this country is only up to us!


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