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Essay on Liberty

Dictionaries give different definitions of freedom, but all of them are common in the fact that it is the right of people to behave as they want without harming other people. But the main thing is how we interpret this concept. For some individuals liberty means just to have no engagements or simply circulate freely. For others liberty is the ability to exist without being coerced or forced to do something they don’t want.

In my opinion, we have to make a start from the concept that the liberty is the respect for individual rights and thoughts, as well as understanding that all forms of aggression are unacceptable. So, as long as a free human being doesn’t commit any form of aggression (physical or mental) on another person, he or she could feel free to live his or her life as they please.

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Liberty is also married to the concept of personal responsibility. Indeed, we should be ready for it. Everything in our life takes its roots from us, from our consciousness. The events we experience in present do not happen accidentally, they are the products of our choice in the past.

Thus, liberty is something that is hidden inside of us. We have the right to use our mind and body to produce what we need, and to own and use what we produce. Only you have the right to decide what is good for you. Liberty gives us a vital opportunity to make this unique choice. It determines our future. That’s why liberty is essential for experiencing happiness and self-fulfillment. In order to have liberty we are to be ready for it.

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