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Something Nobody Knows About Me

Wanna know a secret to a gripping narrative? Simple: good story plus writing skill. Among our essay writing services is direct communication with your writer. Create riveting stories based on your personal experiences and executed with an eloquent pen!

It was another summer holiday and after a year of studies it was what all of us, students, looked for. Personally I had more to look forward to, than just the holiday. I was the winner of a fully paid trip to the southern coast. Everyone envied me and wished they would be in my shoes for a moment. But as for me, it was a different case. Unlike the excitement and joy that people celebrated for my win, I really regretted for participating in the competition, because I had a problem with the prize. My course instructor was excited very much, since he was to accompany me for the trip. I knew he was particularly eyeing the huge sum of money that would be allocated to us on the day of the trip start.

Word went round the school and the neighborhood about my achievement. I approached the school authorities and expressed my desire not to take up the trip. They argued that it will be an insult to their sponsors and that I had to go regardless of the situation. Personally I did not want anything to do with water. I was water phobic. I had attended psychiatric lesson to try and end my fear for water. Everyone talked of how fun a holiday at the coast will be, but the single thought of having water around me freaked me out. I came to learn that we had been booked a hotel suit on one of the islands. This was getting even worse.

The reason why I believed water was only safe in a glass was the story my mother narrated to me about how we lost my dad in the sea. She told me how I fell out of boat when I was only three years old on a holiday. My father dived to the water to save me. Though he was able to save me, he was neither lucky nor strong enough to fight the raging tides. That was the last day I ever saw my dad, though I barely remember him. I had not disclosed this secret to anyone at school, not even to my course instructor. The trip to the same coast would bring back too many sad memories.

However, I took up the trip and embarked on the long journey. I was sulky and my course instructor could not hide his disappointment. But he did not know what the sea had taken from me and my family. To others the sea was breathtaking scenery to relax, while to me it was assassinator of the very one person I would have loved to know.

We got to the coast at the evening just before sunset and, together with other guests that had booked the hotel suits, we boarded a motor boat to the island. As we started off, I began narrating the story of how 15 years ago I almost drowned at this coast to my course instructor. I told him that it was the prime reason for trying to down the offer. He carefully listened to my words and occasionally nodded. Suddenly, he stiffly stared at me, sweating profusely, as he seemed to fight for his breath. He lost his grip on the rail and because of small waves the boat was swayed up and about. We signaled our engineer to slow down, but my instructor fell off the boat into the water! I did not know what to do at that point, but the boat was filled with screams of other passengers. I said to myself: I will not let the cruel sea take another close person in my presence! I dived into the water. I fought the small waves and at last brought my instructor on board with the help of life savers.

He was rushed to hospital and…


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