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Kites Movie Review Example

Students often use essay writing services to compensate for the things they find more challenging. For example, STEM students sometimes struggle with creative tasks and media analysis. We love to help you write a concise book or movie review, like the one below.

“Kites” is not a traditional Indian movie, but rather a breath-taking action. This film is a romantic love story of an Indian guy Gee (Bollywood star Rithik Roshan) and a Mexican girl Natasha (Barbara Mori). They fell in love at first sight, despite the fact that she did not understand Hindi and speaks only Spanish, while he could speak only Hindi and English. Besides, Natasha was already engaged to another man. However, there are no barriers for true love.

This story is very exciting. Moreover, it is accompanied by highly dynamic and romantic scenes, many of which are not devoid of humor. In the Mexican desert a mortally wounded man is left to die under the rays of extremely hot desert sun. This is Gee, once a carefree young man, and now the person who is being searched for by the police. The only thing that makes his dying body cling to life is the fact that he should find the love of all his life – Natasha – by all possible means. This woman belongs to another man, but Gee realizes that she is his destiny. This beautiful woman came into his life and changed it forever.

This is the story of people who love successful life and for whom money is of top importance. They are striving to get it, they are ready to lie and use other people, but they do not realize that life is not a well-planned operation, and there is always place for a chance.

“Kites” is a romantic story of a true fearless love without any barriers between the cultures. The threatening journey of the main heroes is filled with precious moments, emotions and an unexpected betrayal. This is a story of passion that is able to defy all rules.


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