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Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Some students come to us saying, “Write my essay on children’s literature, I’m too busy studying important stuff,” and we are happy to oblige, of course. However, we must stress that no topic is insignificant – may this sample serve as proof.

Sometimes literary giants engage us in a manner that is either awkward or bluntly provocative. This can be illustrated by the manner the author of the book Shiloh has singularly attempted to do. It can be as well illustrated by the manner the author has explored the philosophical theme which encompasses the compassionate social fabrics. For instance, by delving into the subject of what the masses needs or wants, he presents a challenge to any reader who fails to grasp the literary dogma involving the use of imagery, illusions as well as knit and compact plot to broadcast his observation. Hence, the predominant concept which the author can be said to have anchored his argument is resolved within the perimeters of morality. In essence, according to the novel, morality tends to be confined in archives of the social plebiscites who more than often question the tenets of morality, that is, the elements of respect, empathy, transparency as well as decency.

Therefore, delving into the plot of the novel, it would be…


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