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If I Could Change One Thing about Me

Even the most prolific and diligent essay writer sometimes succumbs to procrastination. Is it something you struggle with yourself? As you can see, you are not alone.

I am a nice human being with beautiful dreams, high expectations about myself and plenty of aspirations. There is only one thing, that bothers me a lot and doesn’t allow to achieve my goals – procrastination. Each day I make detailed plans for the next day. When the day comes, I keep postponing my appointments again and again and at the end of the day I see that I haven’t done enough.

Time passes faster than I can imagine, and there is little to show for it. If there is one thing I could change about me, its procrastination. I am so good at it that if there would be some kind of award for procrastination, like the coveted world cup football trophy, I would be a champion! I am always in a mad rush to complete tasks and assignments just a few minutes before the deadline.

Procrastination is my best friend. We are connected together like Siamese twins. You take procrastination out of me and I am done .I do not imagine leaving it. We have the best affair ever. If you doubt my words, ask my former three employers. I happen to be lucky to travel across my country and work in far away towns from two of my previous employers, who say that I am a multi-talented employee who is not willing to put what he knows into practice. I remember telling one of my immediate bosses that if this is true, maybe I should be the Chief Executive Officer. This immediate boss happens to be my father, a ruthless business tycoon. He has always wanted one of his sons to take over the business empire once he retires, but his policy has been and shall always be “you start from the least of the employee’s level and rise to the top depending on your performance’’.

My father’s favourite choice had always been me and I remember the number of times he would boast to my mother of it during dinner. “This boy is bright”, he would proudly say, “He is destined to take my company.” My mother was not very much involved in the affairs of the business and thus would not say a word. Then my father would assume that her ignorance in business was the sole reason for her not contributing to this matter. I later realised I was right about my mother’s reservations about taking over the family’s logistics firm.

I have the week’s routine clearly marked in my dairy, but at the end of the week everything is piled and I don’t know where to begin. I remember...


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