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Key Motivalional theories for Employees


Encouraging employees to work within the parameters set by an organization-and to encourage them to work efficiently-is one of the most important goals of an organization. There are a number of important things that managers must do to ensure that employees maintain good work ethic and high levels of motivation, as it is rare for employees to be completely self-motivated.

Case Study on Jeffrey Dahmer

Known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal” due to his affinity for ingesting human flesh, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was a serial murderer and sexual offender that was responsible for the deaths of 17 boys and men between 1978 and 1991. Dahmer was eventually convicted of 15 of those murders and received a life sentence for each in February of 1992 after he was classified as legally sane enough to participate in a trial. When he submitted to psychological evaluations, it was determined Dahmer, who was born in 1960, suffered from a borderline personality disorder.

Essay on UK Company Law

Greenhalgh v Arderne Cinemas Ltd (1946)

Lord Greene, in Greenhalgh v Arderne Cinemas Ltd held that there are exceptions to Foss v Harbottle, according to which the company is the claimant in the event wrongs are committed against it, Hicks & Goo (2008). The exceptions to the Foss v Harbottle include a derivative action, under which minority shareholders are permitted to bring claims on behalf of the company itself. This effectively laid ground for the emergency of remedies for minority shareholders in a company, which informed the Greenhalgh v Arderne Cinemas Ltd ruling.

Security Organizations

Private security management has been associated with the provision of security services in various fields. This involves the agreement on a contract basis between a private security firm and individuals, organizations and groups to offer security services to them. In the contract, terms are set upon the tasks the private security company should be performing. In undertaking these activities in relation to the contract, many legal issues may that need to be addressed by the involved private security company (Dempsey, 2007). In the recent cases, the liability exposure of private security companies has increased enormously. There have been several reasons as to why a high rate of malpractice litigation is currently being labeled against the management of private security.

Advertising campaign management


An advertising company is an independent and separate business organization which promotes the products of the organizations or companies. It consists of creativity, innovation and businessmen and women, who establish, develop and place an advert on the advertising media. This is for the sellers who seek to find customers to purchase their goods and services. The first advertising agency started in 1800 in Britain. It was called whites and it created adverts for the government lotteries and charities and it was mostly for recruitment advertising in the government departments and ministries (Christ, 2008 pp. 470).

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