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Globalisation: A Change for the Better?

Can you imagine yourself visiting a foreign country on a holiday and finding that it is the spitting image of your homeland? Sounds nightmarish? Yet, some scientists predict that most countries might look alike because of globalisation in the future. It seems that this phenomenon that has usually been interpreted as a change for the common weal needs careful analysis at present.

On the one hand, globalisation has produced a favourable influence on our lives. A number of agreements signed by different countries have considerably contributed to the development of international trade and made workforce more mobile. For instance, the EU citizens have freely migrated to any country within the borders of the union. Moreover, it has made the distances between countries shorter. It has helped us to learn more about different cultures, as nowadays we have an opportunity to read books and watch films produced in various parts of our planet.

On the other hand, large multinational companies that have spread all over the world have a negative influence on the national economy of the certain countries. They oust small national companies from the market and impede the development of small businesses. Cultural globalisation in its turn is often associated with the popularisation of American culture and ousting of other cultures. For example, predominance of Hollywood films all over the world means that children in different countries are brought up on American values.

On the whole, globalisation appears to affect our society both favourably and adversely. As this process is natural and vitally important in contemporary world we have to find a way to minimize its drawbacks.

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