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Fashion in Our Life

Whatever they say, the truth is that the first impression of every person largely depends on his or her appearance. There is hardly a person who does not want to be dressed in an elegant and exquisite manner. Good taste is always a sign of a good breeding. The word “fashion” tempts us to think about clothes firstly but this is a broader concept. Even the translation of this Latin word which means “way”, “style” is closely associated with many spheres of human activity. However, its connection with clothing is the most notable.

Fashion changes and updates almost every day. Thus it is important for each of us to find significant and at the same time individual things in it. The art of dressing enables us to combine clothing in the best possible way. Some fashionable ladies tend to copy the well-known models, trying to find an individual style. Nevertheless, it should be understood that there are no strict standards in fashion; otherwise people will lose their individuality trying and mimicking the style of the famous persons.

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Fashion is not just a blind following certain patterns but choosing one’s own style and determining the things that fit. If a people do not have their own taste, then, in my opinion, they run a risk to look ridiculous and pitiable.

Fashion is a constant conflict of new and...

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