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Global Warming – Pressing Issue!

Is global warming a real threat? Try to print this question in Yahoo! or in Google and you will get millions of resulting links – each of them containing far too different opinions. While some people say that global warming is the most menacing process mankind has ever faced, the other suggest that it is a global hysteria but not global warming, which threatens modern society. But can we find out the truth?

To begin with, it is worth saying that more then one-third of all people in the world know about global warming next to nothing. People who live in developing countries know less while those from developed ones know more. But to be aware of a process is not necessarily the same as to believe that this process is really in action. For example, most residents in Latin America believe that human activities have an effect on climate changes. People from Africa, Asia (with some exceptions), and a few ex-Soviet countries do not support this point of view. Among people from Western countries there is a deep schism: while some are sure that the earth is in great danger and should be saved, the other mutters that saving process should not increase their tax burdens.

People are pluralistic and their opinions are not always based on solid grounds. Do we have convincing evidence on the problem of global warming? This question is a sort of “hot button” now. People from everywhere witness nowadays effects of global warming. Those who live at sea shore and are fully dependent on seasonal ice melting say that over decades ice starts to melt earlier and water level rises higher and higher. Truly, it is not easy, if possible at all, to prove that mankind is the source of these changes, but at least it is a good point to ponder over.

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