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Pros and Cons of Technology

Isn’t technology wonderful? For example, now you can read an expertly crafted sample from the comfort of your home or hire a professional essay writer to provide you practical help within days or even hours.

Progress of technology and STR (scientific and technological revolution) have been described by mankind all through the ages, in particular their positive and negative effects on our society.

The definition of technology implies usage of material objects, methods and systems of organization and techniques. In other words, technology is the coherence of science and engineering. People had been using technology from the moment when they first chipped stone blades. And from that time and heretofore we have been looking for better goods and services.

There is an idea in the scientific society, a kind of hypothesis, that technology pushes the society ahead. But more reliable is the concept of mutual influence between society and technology, the idea of their interaction.

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Mankind constantly creates new technologies and these renewed technologies influence the way and style of life in human society. Let’s try to list the aspects of life the technology influences: social systems, health, environment, social institutions, commerce, individual psychology and freedom, perception of reality and so far.

And now let’s look at the positive effect of the technology. It improves the way of life mankind leads through different machines and mechanisms, thus saving human energy and making possible further innovations concerning technology upgrade.

But if everything sounds so great, what are the negative effects? Technology changes the way of communication in society, especially for children and teenagers. They start to use virtual interaction loosing communication skills and person-to-person contacts. We are talking more and more about ecology and protection of environment: all that thanks to technological innovations’ effect. Why didn’t we expect Green Peace organization’s emergence several centuries ago? Because technological progress demanded…


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