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Perceptions and Interpretations of Success

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Definition of success is a personal issue which is different for different people. In general, success is the accomplishment of the task you aim at. One can write an essay and consider it to be an unprecedented case; another one treats writing a book or dissertation as a success.

Happiness and success stand close together. Let us define success as attaining something you want or, in other words, reaching the goals you have set. But if the goals have been set by somebody else and you are to achieve them, it will definitely make you successful. But it will not make you happy. Ideal situation is surely when success and happiness are combined and you reach the goals you have set by yourself.

We need to draw a line between success in mind and success in the society, as perceptions of success differ depending on interpretation.

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The model of successful person exists in every society. But your personal attitude towards this model may differ because some people treat success as a social status and welfare whereas others appreciate feeling of happiness. These are different approaches to success.

Since childhood we have got an idea about success in society: prestigious schools, colleges and high paid jobs. But this is the path to success not to satisfaction and happiness. Combination of success and happiness is possible only if you have correctly chosen your profession and your present job is more than just the source of money. You need to be courageous and confident to become successful.


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