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Sport as a Lifestyle

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As the saying goes, “Sound mind in a sound body”! If you practice various kinds of sports you care about your physical and mental condition.

If I start to tell you about my favorite kinds of sports you may consider me to be a strange girl. The point is that one of my favorite sports is soccer. Even when I was a child I could not but watched football matches on TV. Then I grew older and became fond of this game. Initially, I was attracted by the magic of ball in the air. A little later I began to think seriously that I like soccer and want to improve my skills in it.

Perhaps the reason is that the soccer is a very mobile game that involves not just one person but a whole team. Thus the victory of the team depends on the game of all players. Moreover, soccer tempers health, fosters freedom, camaraderie and helps to become resilient and strong.

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Being a young girl, I care about my body and do my best to keep fit. There are so many sports that help make the body harmonious and beautiful. I like to feel my muscles strong. That is why I am a fan of skates.

In order not to change freedom and fresh air for the stuffy gyms, I choose skates nearly every week-end. Racing, slalom, all sorts of tricks and jumps… My friends and I learn skating together and then proudly demonstrate our achievements. We invent our own rules as well as choose the speed and purpose.

It is great to race, chasing the wind speed and know that now you are the happiest person on the Earth!


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