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What is Love?

Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to define and describe love. Poets, book authors, essay writers, alchemists, scientists, and virtually everybody else took their shots. What is the bottom line here? Apparently, love is strictly individual. So, don’t expect to find the universal answer in the sample below. Rather, it can show you how one should approach writing about such a complex topic as love.

Love has been glorified by so many poets and writers… It has been researched by so many scientists… It seems that at present it should be easy to define this phenomenon, yet it is as complicated as ever. Does it mean that our predecessors were all wrong? It only means that love is very versatile and may be perceived differently.

In my opinion love is tinted in a multitude of colours. Red stands for passionate love. It is physical attraction and yearning to be closer to a particular person. Red gives way to pink when tenderness comes into foreground. You feel tenderness when you look at your beloved near and want to take care of them and protect them from the problems of the outside world. Love acquires blue colour, when your second half is away and you miss him or her. It changes into green when you suffer from pangs of jealousy and paints your world black when your heart is broken. As you see, love is connected with as many emotions as there are shades in the palette.

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What is the most important is that love brings out the best in us. It makes us value the needs of our dear ones more than our own. It makes us want to become better and deserve such a precious gift as love. It teaches us to be patient and to accept people the way they are. Last but not least, it makes us wiser. They say: “It is better to love and lose than never to have loved at all”. Therefore, lose no more time reflecting about this wondrous feeling, fall in love and discover it for yourself!


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