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Happiness: An Integral Part of Our Life!

For some, happiness is being with loved ones. For others, it is having lots of money. And for students, it is often realizing, “I can get the job done no matter what – either write my essay single-handedly or hire an expert to do that for me.” The sample below can help you with the former, while our writers can help you with the latter. Choose your option and be a happy student!

For many millennia people have been asking themselves what the happiness is, but they still cannot find the right answer for this question. It happens probably because opinions differ and happiness can hardly mean the same to everybody.

To my mind happiness is a special state of mind and soul which paints life of a person in bright colours. You can neither buy happiness, nor sell it, but nevertheless one can share it with you. I believe that it depends upon us whether we feel happy or not. You’ve certainly noticed that some people are always dissatisfied with everything that happens in their everyday life – I mean their constant grumbling about problems and behavior of other people; facial expression of such people always reveals them: they are usually louring and gloomy.

But there are other people! Those who always smile, who enjoy every day of their lives, who try not to waste even a moment in vain and who receive everything that life offers with gratitude. Such people try to live their lives in such a way so that at the end of their days they have something pleasant to remember, something that will evoke a smile on their faces.

I’m a happy person because I have a large loving family, a lot of loyal friends, I have some goals in my life to achieve and I know what I live for. I try to get pleasure from every moment; and I feel happy every time when I wake up in my bed in the morning and hear birds singing, when I see a mother lulling her child or when I ride a horse and feel free. I try to look only at bright sides of everything. And I’m sure that if you want to be happy you can be happy. Everything depends on you!


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