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What is Life?

Online paper writing services can hardly help you figure out what life is and what its meaning is. Yet, our samples can definitely help you learn what others think on that account.

Life is given to all of us only once and everyone decides on his or her own how to spend this short span of time.

I personally believe that you should live your life in such a way so that you have something pleasant to remember, something that will evoke a smile on your face, something that you can tell your little grandchildren, something that you can be proud of and certainly something that will continue to exist in this world after your death.

There are people who drift with the stream called «day-to-day life» and who do not make any efforts to use all the opportunities that life offers them. In my opinion all their days look the same and I think that such way of life is boring. I stick to the opinion that life can be bright, full of adventures and memorable moments. It usually happens when people set some goals and try to achieve them. As example we can take well-known goals of a real man: to plant a tree, to build a house and to give birth to a son. Certainly these goals serve only as a pattern and every person decides on his or her own how to live his life and what aims to set.

I personally think that life is a great thing that can offer a huge variety of opportunities and emotions. To my mind it can be compared to a large mosaic in which you add new pieces every day and thus build your unique life journey. I try to do my best to make my mosaic as much colourful and bright as possible, because I’ll never have an opportunity to replace any dark piece of mosaic for a bright one; life is given to us only once!


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