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Racism is a Real Problem

Our essay writing service hosts samples on the most various actual topics, with racism being one of them. Read the sample below and explore our directory further to see how sensitive issues should be approached.

The problem of racism is widely discussed all over the world nowadays. It is evident that racism destructs the society and engenders hatred among people; destructive influence of racism was evident many decades ago but this problem hasn’t disappeared and it hasn’t been solved up till now. Racism still exists in the world and it is high time for people to think over this problem and to find solutions of this issue.

Racism is based on the idea that the genetic factors which differentiate one race from the other one are primary determinants of human features and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race over the others. The idea of one race superiority doesn’t appear on its own: racism like any other thing has definite reasons. It is evident that a person cannot be born a racist; he can only learn to become a racist. It goes without saying that our family and friends influence our views on other races; movies and television also play an important role in the process of shaping our attitude towards other nations.

This essay writing sample is provided by a UK PhD.

In fact, racism is a real problem of modern society: many people die because of groundless hatred to their nation; let me remind you of the black people, the Jewish, etc. The secret war between races lasts for ages and no one knows when the end of this cruel war comes, every year it takes thousands of peoples’ lives, but for the sake of what? Unfortunately I cannot give an answer for this question.

To cut the long story short, I want to say that racism is one of the most burning issues today and the only possible solution is for people to become more tolerant to other races and nations and try to live in peace.


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