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Courage: Moral and Physical

Webster’s dictionary gives the following definition of courage: “Courage is mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withdraw danger, fear or difficulty”. There are several ways and types to express courage. The latter can be divided into moral and physical. Moral courage is the inner power that pushes us to succeed with something. Physical courage is brave action obvious to other people.

Let’s give concrete examples. Moral courage becomes obvious when you defend somebody’s point of view knowing that the opposite party is strong and debates will not be easy. Physical courage is demonstrated when you jump into the sea to save somebody who can’t swim.

But let's give more pragmatic definition to courage. Courage is power and ability to face your fears and difficulties. This human quality is rather rear to find: to act brave doesn't mean to be courageous. Most of people consider themselves brave but their courage vanishes away when they face real difficulties.

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How often do we face situations when we wish to answer the offensive behavior but then just step back and keep proud silence? But to answer back straight is also referred to as courage.

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