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Environment: Are we Facing an Unavoidable End of the World?

When writing about the environment, it’s quite hard not to spiral into describing how doomed humanity is. Ask yourself, “What do I want to write my essays for? To scare my peers or offer the solution?” If it’s the latter, our samples can show you the right direction to crafting an effective paper.

At present mass media bombards us with reports and articles about the miserable state of the environment all over the world. They constantly warn us that we should find a way to lessen the harmful effects of the human activity; otherwise our planet will turn into an unsuitable place to live on. So is there anything we can do to prevent the disaster?

Industry is in charge for most environmental problems, as the owners of plants and factories usually economize on the purifying systems or safety measures. As a result, poisonous waste is released into atmosphere or into water. The only possible solution is for us to put pressure on the government to make safety requirements stricter and increase fines for those who break the law. We should make it unfavourable for business people to ignore ecological demands. Another way to address this issue is to find a source of renewable energy that would substitute for coal, petrol and other natural resources and would not harm the environment. Some attempts in this direction have already been made, i.e. we have introduced wind and solar power stations. The most important thing: we should ensure that each person contributes to the mission of saving our planet. It does not require a lot, since saving water and electricity and sorting out the rubbish for recycling can make a considerable difference.

On the whole, there are many ways for us to solve the environmental problems. We just need to reconsider our attitude to life in the face of the rapidly approaching disaster. Otherwise, the future will overtake us sooner than we expect.


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