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The Problem of Gender Inequality

The problem of gender inequality is one of the issues which has been openly discussing in our society over the past decades; and the most burning issue is certainly the problem of inequality in employment.

In the working world and in the sphere of business women are still at the second place as compared to women. And even if a woman is bright and ambitious enough, has plenty of ideas and is eager to work she won’t be treated the same as a man with these characteristics.

According to the International Labor Organization women receive lower wage than men do and it is a common problem in the majority of countries irrespective of the level of economic development. Women are usually steered towards the traditional jobs (like teachers, nurses or waitress) that men do not want to do. However, nowadays some positive changes have already taken place: for example, today there are more female lawyers, managers and politicians in the developed world than 10 or 20 years ago but they are still heavily outnumbered by men. But if we take a look at developing countries we can see that women’s work is more often menial there, they are overrepresented in low status and low-paid jobs.

The labor market is divided along sex lines and employers take an advantage of gender inequality that exists in our society and treat women in different way as compared to men. It is necessary to admit that employers are main beneficiaries of gender inequality because they have an opportunity to get profit from this situation and to reduce their costs on salaries for women (sometimes they even manage to get two female workers for the price of one male worker).

It is obvious that the problem...

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