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Freedom as a Treasure

What is freedom? Why people strive so hard to have it? And why it is so important for every person to be free? Up to the present day no one can give meaningful and unambiguous answers to these questions.

Opinions of different people about what freedom is contradict each other, because different people understand it in different ways. Some people define freedom as the existence of an opportunity to make choices freely and to put into practice their ideas. Other people think that freedom is a synonym to democracy. A person who is in prison believes that freedom is an opportunity to live out of prison. I understand freedom as an absence of enforcement from the other people.

Some wise man said that “my freedom ends there, where the freedom of another person starts”. To my mind it’s impossible to be absolutely free when you live in the society: there is always something that prevents us from actions or words, something that makes us think about freedom and rights of other people. Every person in the society has the right to do what is not forbidden by law and social customs.

I cannot say that I’m totally free because I stick to the rules of the society; there are things and people whom I cannot leave and those who keep me in the place where I live now. But there are moments when I feel completely free, e.g. when I ride a horse in the field. And I’m satisfied with my freedom in this sense because I’m sure that when a person receives more freedom, he also receives more responsibility for his or her actions. I think that only 1% of people are ready to have real freedom.

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