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Smoking and Style of Life

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The percentage of smokers all over the world is radically reduced during the last five years. Advertisement and results of scientific researches on smoking have played their role. However, each fifth person in the world is a smoker.

Any smoker is informed that smoking is dangerous and harmful not only for smoker himself but also for surrounding non-smokers. Affects of tobacco smoking on human body were under steadfast researches for many years. Results are more than impressive.

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) examined impact of tobacco smoking on the developing of atherosclerosis and concluded that arteries of smokers are thickening 30% faster than that of non-smokers: this leads to premature aging. Smoking increases the risk to die from obstructive bronchitis or emphysema by five times and the risk of stroke by 50 %.

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But even if medical statistics is not a sufficient argument and smokers refuse to think over a long and healthy life, there is one more moment. Smoking influences your appearance as well: i.e. color and elasticity of the skin, color of teeth and nails.

So, why do people keep smoking? Explanations may be various: habit (smoking by habit), relief from stress, wish to look cool and fashionable and to keep company. All above mentioned reasons are not sufficient arguments to keep smoking. Especially if following points are also taken into account: first of all, smoking is an old-fashion habit; secondly, choosing company people are guided not by common habits but by sympathy; thirdly, it’s easier to get rid of habits than you think. And now let’s think about stress issue. Psychologists have estimated that the most effective way to relieve stress is to change the activity. That means if you got stressed from your work, just start doing something radically different: if for the most part of the day you sit in front of the computer, change mental activity for physical one after the end of the working day (gym, swimming, jogging or, finally, playing ‘hide and seek’ with children).

So everybody should choose one’s lifestyle on his own. And if life is impossible without cigarettes, it’s up to you. It’s your choice after all. But don’t impose smoking upon other people. And always keep in mind that there are no healthy cigarettes.


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