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Terrorism: Can We Avoid Living Under a Constant Threat?

There’s no excuse for terrorism, no doubt about that. Many experts and regular essay writers keep exploring this issue in order to figure out where does it originate from and how to prevent it. Find one of the samples on this topic below.

A number of countries have been subjected to a series of horrifying terrorist attacks over the past few years. The scenes of the tragedy on September, 11 in the USA and the recent explosions in Moscow metro on March, 29 will stick in the memory of the international community for years to come. Such outrageous crimes against humanity are unpredictable and take away thousands of lives every year. Is there a way to avert this danger?

Many people believe that security measures should be more severe when facing such atrocious events. If the conspiracy is revealed before the plotters put it into practice, it will save a huge number of innocent people. One more way to tackle the problem is to unite the efforts of people from different countries in the struggle against terrorism. The exchange of information and sharing resources could greatly facilitate the processes of search and capture of the criminals.

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Moreover, if we want to change the world for the better, we should be willing to change ourselves. A lot of crimes could have been prevented, if people had been less indifferent to each other. Only if we learn to help each other, we will be able to withstand any kind of threat.

All in all, we should not let u/entries/terrorism/”>terrorists intimidate and separate us, as it is exactly what they are aiming at. It is time we learn more about other cultures and religions and learn to respect them. Despite our differences we all have something in common and should stand united at such troubled times.


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