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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days by Jeff Kinney

This book starts by describing Greg’s worst summer that begins with Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson visit of his father’s country club. Boys have their vacations but Greg is kicked out due to his complaints over the smallest predicaments.

Greg is the character portrayed with the most depth, though he is a recognizable stereotype. He would rather play video games than play with friends. Everything irritated him. He is completely self-obsessed and has no comprehension of other people’s needs. His mother urges him to try to get out of the house but he doesn’t obey her because he’s learnt from experience.

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

The plot of the story takes place on a coastal community near La Paz, Mexico. The town lies on an estuary where the sand is yellow, but there is rubble of shells and algae near the water. The book was first published in 1947, so the time period is probably early 19th century. Kino, the main character of the book, is the father of Coyotito and husband of Juana. Kino finds the “Pearl of the World” that lays the beginning to their problems.

Kino, a poor Mexican pearl diver, enjoys a simple life with his wife Juana and their baby, Coyotito. The baby, who was bitten by a scorpion, falls ill, and the doctors refuse to cure him. The situation changes, when Kino discovers a huge fine pearl one day.

Number The Stars by Lois Lowry

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry was written in 1943 in Nazi-occupied Copenhagen, Denmark. The Nazis are surrounding up the Jews in the city for the stated purpose of relocation. However, this could mean only a near-certain death. The Danish Resistance, active in Copenhagen, is seeking ways to fight against the Nazis. This is the story of how ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen and her family, members of the resistance, set out to help Ellen Rosen, Annemarie’s best friend and a Jew, to escape the Nazis and find safety and freedom.

To avoid Ellen’s capture by the Nazis, Annemarie’s family takes her into their home. When soldiers visit their house they claim that Ellen is their daughter, named Lise. Their real daughter Lise had been killed 3 years earlier, hit by a German car. The soldiers, looking for the Rosens, are uncertain of the claim but they leave Ellen with the Johansens.

The Cay by Theodore Taylor

Outwardly, Theodore Taylor’s novel The Cay is a story about 11-year-old boy Phillip Enright and his experiences stranded on a cay with an African American sailor named Timothy. However, the most important problem The Cay portrays is about how a young man learns to cast aside his racial prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

The story tells us about Phillip and his family living on Curacao, an island in the Caribbean, during World War II. German submarines surround the island and Phillip’s mother decides to take Phillip back to Virginia, United States. They board a freighter to make this journey. The ship, however, is attacked by a German submarine. Phillip and his mother survive but are separated, with Philip aboard a raft with Timothy, a 70 year-old black sailor. Although Timothy saved Phillip’s life by pulling him out of the water, the boy is critical and antagonistic towards Timothy due to his racial prejudice learned from his mother.

Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Sometimes literary giants engage us in a manner that is either awkward or bluntly provocative. This can be illustrated by the manner the author of the book Shiloh has singularly attempted to do. It can be as well illustrated by the manner the author has explored the philosophical theme which encompasses the compassionate social fabrics. For instance, by delving into the subject of what the masses needs or wants, he presents a challenge to any reader who fails to grasp the literary dogma involving the use of imagery, illusions as well as knit and compact plot to broadcast his observation. Hence, the predominant concept which the author can be said to have anchored his argument is resolved within the perimeters of morality. In essence, according to the novel, morality tends to be confined in archives of the social plebiscites who more than often question the tenets of morality, that is, the elements of respect, empathy, transparency as well as decency.

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