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Miscellaneous Examples - Samples and Examples of any Papers

An Analysis Example of Sophocles’ Oedipus as an Exemplification and Refutation of Aristotle’s Definition of the Tragic Hero

Sophocles’ Oedipus is an exemplary instance of tragedy in literature that has garnered much attention and analysis over the centuries. Scholars have approached this play, along with other tragic works, using various frameworks, with Aristotle’s concept of the tragic hero being one of the most prominent. Aristotle explains that a tragic hero is a character of high status who possesses a tragic flaw or hamartia, experiences a reversal of fortune, and ultimately meets a tragic end. This essay aims to evaluate how Oedipus fits into this definition of a tragic hero and examine some possible issues and limitations associated with this framework.

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Managerial Economics Assignment Example

The sample below is a part of a larger managerial economics assignment. It analyzes how the supply and demand correlation works for two companies with different approaches to packaging materials amidst the COVID pandemic. Crafted by a competent essay writer, this assignment about managerial economics is meant to give you a clear idea of what teachers expect to see in a college-level piece. If this seems too hard or you’re pressed for time, our experts can help you out and develop an entirely original managerial economics assignment example paper and tailor it to your individual requirements and specifications.

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Sample on World War II Journal

For creative tasks that combine imagination and research, we will find you an essay writer who is both erudite and inventive. The result will be as stunning as the sample below.

World War II Journal

Today is Sunday, the 7th of December, and I’m John Braydis, the sailor on the USS Arizona. A lot of my friends were dismissed due to the weekend. Suddenly I’ve heard a loud sound and the ground has shaken. I fell on the floor and heard one more bang sound. When I pulled myself together and ran on the deсk, I saw a horrible picture. On the other side of the ship there were lots of bodies, and the ship itself was destroyed and was sinking.

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Sample on Statistics Project

Often students come to us saying, “Write my essay, please, it’s so boring I’m afraid of dislocating my jaw!” However, the sample below shows how any topic can be made exciting – with a pinch of creativity.

Statistics Project


In this paper we will discuss and describe how the basic tools of statistics analysis and probability theory may be applied to a real world problem. The data given is a breakdown of all 426 goals made by Lionel Messi during his football career. There are 90 observations of the data; each represents the number of goals during a game played by L. Messi. Our goal is to perform multiple steps of statistical analysis: we build frequency distribution characteristics – frequency tables and histograms, pie charts, elements of descriptive statistics (measures of central tendency and measures of variability). In addition to the descriptive part, we also perform a hypothesis testing part to compare mean values between two groups of the data.

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Marketing Plan for Nokia Lumia – Essay Sample

We employ essay writers from all walks of life. If you need someone with an academic background or work experience in marketing to write a paper like the one below, we will find just the right person for the job!

Executive summary

The Nokia Lumia is a well-known smart phone brand that only rivals the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones. This paper is a detailed report on the marketing plan behind the development of the Nokia Lumia.

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Essay on Immigration and the 20th century

Our essay writers can give a terse overview even of the most extensive topic. For example, look at how the entire scope of 20th-century immigration fits in a couple of concise pages below.

According to a recent study, about 3 percent of the world population comprises of international immigrants, and the country with the largest number of immigrants is the United States (Parkins ). The 20th century has witnessed many migrations that have been characterized by a variety of factors. The statement of this study is that the economic disparities have been a major cause of immigration in the 20th century.

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Essay on Classification in Prison Facilities

A boon for one essay writer can be a bane for another. If a classification essay is not your thing, outsource this particular assignment to us – or find inspiration in the sample below.

Prison classification can be defined as a method of appraising inmate risks, in an attempt to attain and maintain a state of equilibrium between security requirements and program needs. The safety of jail facilities is dependent on inmate classification. Almost every institution in existence has some form of classification for various operations. Ensuring efficient classification is crucial for safe operations in prison facilities. Over the last decade, emphases on upgrading prison classification methods and management have been contracted. Since inmates are heterogeneous, they possess varying character and behavioral traits. For this reason, many prisoners are incompatible with individuals they divvy their living place with. Without proper classification, the environment for inmates and staff would be flagitious.

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Essay about Love as a Theme in Life

Even a skilled essay writer may have difficulty addressing such a topic as love. Philosophers have been trying to define and describe it since the Antiquity and haven’t reached any decisive conclusion yet. Here is just another take on this fascinating subject.


Love is an intangible feeling that makes us vulnerable to danger, pain and suffering. However, love is the foundation of friendship; it brings us together and promotes cooperation. Friendship and cooperation is usually contaminated by betrayal and lies. The people we love can easily manipulate our trust.

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Essay on the Worst Combinations of Books into Films

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Argh, the book is way better than the movie!” Well, why don’t you turn this pattern into a full-fledged college paper? On the one hand, our essay writing service offers a free sample paper to show how it could be done, or practical help from an expert writer, on the other.


The advantage that movies have over books is that everything in the movie can tell the story: the background music, the movements or he gestures of the actors, specific unanimated scenes, dialogue, monologue and so on. On the other hands, books have only the words they are made of to tell the story and sometimes graphical indications or drawings that explain the scenes which compose the narrative. The current essay analyzes four combinations of book-film storytelling narratives (“The Natural”, “World War Z”, “Christine” and “The Hobbit”), focusing on a particular book-film combination, chosen as the worst such combination for a college-student audience.

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German Expressionism in Film Essay Example

If your position in life can be summed up as “I would rather experience a cinematographic masterpiece once more than write my essay about it,” we support you. Life is too short for dull tasks. If you are not a writing geek, we will match you with the right person to craft an excellent essay just like the one below.

The film The Cabinet by Dr. Caligari by Robert Wiene (1919) was designed in an expressionist style. Expressionism was an avant-garde that began in paintings between the years 1898 to 1905. Expressionism was taken up in theatre, literature, architecture until eventually it was taken up on film by Robert Wiene in 1919.The expressionist style of Cligari was advanced by three designers by the names Hermann Warm, Walter Reimann and Walter Rogrig. This film by Robert Wiene expresses the viewpoint of a madman whose vision is the projection of the movie.

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The Importance of Scholarships Essay Example

Many students approach our paper writing service seeking help with personal statements. We guarantee that such a sample will always be written in a unique human voice, just as the essay below.

Nursing has always been my passion. As a child, I saw how my mother dedicated her life to her nursing profession. She is my greatest inspiration. She is one of the reasons why I want to have a scholarship grant in nursing. I am a first year college student in nursing now, and I feel that I am few steps away from my dream to becoming a full-fledged nurse. A scholarship will help me fulfill this dream. A scholarship grant will help pay for my books and other expenses in school. Furthermore, I will not be a burden to my mother who is already working doubly hard to send me to school. I will also be able to concentrate on my studies since I do not have to work at the same time.

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Essay on United States Government Corruption

When addressing a controversial topic, it’s challenging to keep the leveled tone and back every claim with evidence. If you experience such difficulties, turn to paper writing services for professionally made samples to show you the standard of academic tone and rigor. See the example below.

Ever since man has first walked on the planet Earth, their inborn thirst has resulted into numerous advancements and innovations. These technological and scientific innovations have now reached to paramount heights and converted the world into a much more modernized world than ever before. However, in this epoch of progression, it is also prudent to note that the social and ethical dilemmas have also escalated simultaneously at an unprecedented rate. Corruption is amongst the issues that has been witnessed to be growing at a constant pace and has become a problem on a global basis (Grossman xi-xiii).

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HR Initiatives in Sony Cooperation

It’s not a secret that essay writing services are popular not only among students but also among business people looking for assistance with reports and other business papers. Such as this overview of Sony Corporation hiring practices and innovative HR initiatives.


The rapid diversification of markets has led to an increased need for competent and talented human resources to ensure continued growth and development. Markets are embracing a global orientation, and this is shown by the attendance of multinational corporations (Duane, 2010). Sony ranks amongst the most renown and a successful multinational corporation since it was established. The company strives to be the market leader in development of technologies, and it indulges in a vast range of products from small technologies to sophisticated machinery.

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Controversies surrounding sections 53 (1) (b) and (1) (b) of the law of property act 1925

If only I could write my essays as close-cut and efficient as the author of the following sample! Still, I suppose a law expert must have this no-nonsense attitude. Enjoy the pure rationality below.

The law of property act of 1925 is among the Acts that were designed as part of the integrated legislative program initiated by Lord Chancellor Lord Birkenhead between the year 1921 and 1925 (Beale Jr. 1907). This piece of legislation primarily concerns itself with the transfer of property. In law, the word property is synonymous with the word land. There are many reasons that explain why land is the most fundamental kind of property in society.

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Case of Ee-Zee-Cleen (EZC)

Our essay writing service has a great deal of requests concerning business regulation and corporate law. Yes, this stuff isn’t as exciting as “launching your startup.” Still, it’s necessary to master if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Meanwhile, we are happy to help with a customized sample, like the one you see below.

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, commonly referred to as TUPE, is legislation in the UK that came into effect in April of 2006. It was as a result of the United Kingdom’s implementation of the European Union Business Transfers Directive (European Union, 2001). The legislation replaced its predecessor, which had been enacted in 1981.

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Financial Challenges Faced By the Single Parents

Single parents make up quite a share of students turning to our essay writing service for help. Read this sample essay about their financial struggles, and you will see why.

The role of a single parent is very demanding and challenging. The most evident challenge faced by a single parent is to be the sole provider for his/her children. Commonly, a single parent is the only bread earner of the entire household and is, therefore, unable to give more time to the children due to work pressure.

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