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Analytical Essays - Samples and Examples of any Papers

Analytical Essays

Analytical Essay About Criminological Theories in the “Traffic” Movie

Essay, APA, College, 6 pages, 2 sources

The criminological theories essay example below was developed with the CRJ 3800 course in mind. It masterfully illustrates how even a mainstream movie can be used to describe essential issues in modern society. Read it to borrow the best content organization practices and literary techniques. Alternatively, if you need practical help with a similar essay on criminological theories or any other academic paper, you can address our essay writing service and get quick and affordable assistance within days or even hours.

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Analytical Essays

Analytical Essay on Climate Change and Paris Agreement

Thousands of articles, blog posts, and essays are written about global warming every year. You will hardly find new factual data or statistics in the climate change essay sample below – but that’s not what it is here for. Its main task is to demonstrate how a strong analytical paper should be written – from introduction to conclusion. In case you need some analytical writing done for you within a tight timeframe, contact our customer managers with your ‘write my essays‘ request to learn more about how we can help. Or place an order right now!

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Analytical Essays

UK Land Law Essay Sample

This essay writing service is like a bird. It flies high because it has two wings – the US and the UK divisions. Therefore, if you need an in-depth essay on the UK legislation, we can arrange a UK writer who knows their onions. Like the author of the sample below.

Groom (2011) has stated that even before the publication of Section 2 of the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions)  Act  1989, it has been expected to raise the  interest of those who belong to the legal profession.  It served as a replacement of Section 40 of the  Law of Property  Act 1925 regarding the formal requisites and offered a  new approach  to  the assignment and conveyance of  legal  and equitable interests in land either through sale and other modes of transfer.

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Analytical Essays

Critical Analysis of Plato`s Apology

Getting into the intricate reasoning behind philosophical apologies requires some serious theoretical training, as well as a nimble mind. Get help from our essay writing service if you don’t have time or energy to craft a thorough-paced piece like the sample below.

Philosophy : Critical Analysis of Plato’s Apology

As an essential milestone not merely in the Ancient Philosophy’s history, however correspondingly for the determining of the theory of western politics, contemporary principles, distinctiveness and responsiveness, the Apology by Plato has been for several years a rudimentary book in the prospectus of conformists, historians and academics. As this paper goes to demonstrate, the Apology ought to be observed as an indispensible manuscript for those who target having an Ancient Greek knowledge of philological and philosophy.

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