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Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

An experienced essay writer can critically analyze anything – from a nature philosophy monograph to an installment of a popular YA saga and keep a straight face. Don’t believe us? Read this professional take on one famous paranormal romance.

Eclipse is in reality the 3rd novel in Meyer’s ever popular series of Twilight. In essence Eclipse moves on after the New Moon had departed, while on the other hand Bella’s graduation is approaching and this indicates that she will be leaving the Forks forever, apparently to join a college. Later she is stealthily planning to join her boyfriend in his vampire subsistence, that means she won’t come back home because of being lifeless and possessing an uncontrollable blood covetousness. As the story develops, the lethal vampires from Seattle return to haunt the dwellers and from this very point the vampire seems to dominate in the rest of the book.

However, closely analyzing this book one may say that Eclipse is developed from a theme that resonates with love attributes, or in other words, the novel can be said to be all about romantic yarn. And this indicates why Bella and Edward’s affair forms the central theme of the novel including as well Jacob’s relationship that complete the novel’s crisis and create a love triangle within the novel’s plot. Bella and Jacob have constantly been friends until Jacob turns to a werewolf. Hence, the antagonism involving leeches and werewolves put an enormous tension on their companionship.

From a literary point of view this book is written for the young leaders. However, the principal drawback of this novel is the failure of the author to create a captivating as well as dramatic consequences of the events. This therefore can be said to be a critical writing mistake. Comparing this novel with her former works which depict encompassing vampire romance within the similar plot, Eclipse lacks that magical touch.


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