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September 2020

You know you don’t suppose to do that. You know you should plan your big projects and give each stage of work the appropriate amount of time. You know you can’t really cook up something fast and easy the night before the deadline and still manage to impress your instructor enough for an...

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August 2020

The best kind of motivation is intrinsic motivation. You do something because it’s fun to do. In a perfect world, homework should be fun and you would do it because you enjoy it – just like you play games or scroll your feed. However, we don’t live in the perfect world, so how to find motivation to do...

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August 2020

At high school and college, essays are the most popular way to assess students’ knowledge about the subject and their ability to analyze data and think critically. Unfortunately, essays aren’t as popular on the receiving end of this assessment – that is among students. Either because they don’t get enough...

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