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Help Me Write My Personal Statement:
Low Price for a High Chance of Success

What to write in a personal statement to impress a jaded admissions officer? The question has been confounding college applicants since the dawn of higher education. Alas, the right recipe for creating a winning personal statement is nowhere to be found because the task requires skill, luck, and dare we say, magic. Does it mean you don’t stand a chance of having a perfect essay? No, it does not. You can have one, and at a surprisingly small cost at that.

Buy a personal statement written by experienced writers.

Our experts habitually erase distinctions between personal statement writing and fine art. Each word they write glows like a tiny angel’s halo; the volcanic lava flow of nuance and meaning is palpable on every page. You should absolutely try their help.


Write My Personal Statement for Me

  • - I want to convince the admissions committee that I am not like anyone they’ve seen before. Can you help me write my personal statement?
  • - You are in the right place!

Colleges look for creative individuals with critically-inclined minds. We will demonstrate to the stern admissions officers that you are such a person that you are their kind of person. And here’s how we will do it.

First, a skilled writer will carefully analyze your writing instructions. Then, they will study your personal information (which can be provided via the ordering form) to weave the most interesting and relevant details into their narrative. They will use viscerally intense words and evocative imagery to craft a nigh-perfect draft. Afterward, the draft will be polished by an editor with a preternatural preoccupation with quality. The result? Breathtaking, all-encompassing perfection.


Pay Someone to Write Personal Statements

  • - Who can write my personal statement to graduate school?
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Here’s why it is reasonable and pleasant to use this service:

  • The Price is Right
    A few dozens of dollars is a low price to pay for the high chance of being admitted to college.
  • Complete Privacy for All Orders
    We do not collect personally identifiable information. Your security is highly prioritized because we staunchly believe that privacy is a right rather than a privilege.
  • Same-Day Delivery
    Can you write my personal statement today? Of course! We can finish it in only 3 hours because no one should be kept waiting when a deadline is close.
  • Free Revisions
    You can request the betterment of your personal statement up to three times absolutely for free.
  • Free Formatting
    We will format your personal statement for free.
  • Money-Back Guarantee
    Get your money back if you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of the provided services.

How to Write My Personal Statement

  • - I have plenty of time and want to write my own personal mission statement. Can you provide me with some advice?
  • - Of course! If you feel confident in your writing prowess, follow the tips below.

What makes a great personal statement is up for debate. What is not up for debate, however, is the fact that you should be as honest as possible in your writing. Your goal is to convince the stern admissions committee that you are the right fit for their institution, and you cannot do it by skewing the facts or hiding your real-self behind a mask of comforting platitudes. Put simply: authenticity is a must.

Before you start, ask yourself: “If I had a friend write my personal statement for me, what would they write?” This little trick will help you concentrate on the most prominent qualities of your character, which can be later interwoven into your writing.

The next step is to think about the reasons you want to study a chosen course. Are you passionate about it? What have you done to learn more about the subject? Have you volunteered to gain relevant experience in the field? These questions will help you understand and, later, communicate to the admissions committee why you are the best applicant.

When crafting the first draft, avoid vacuous statements and stock phrases. Do not exaggerate your achievements, and most importantly, do not rush it. Given that your experience in writing personal statements is limited, at best, and nonexistent, at worst, you won’t be able to achieve satisfactory results in a few hours or even days. For some students, it takes months to finish their personal statement. Hence, you should start early.

Upon finishing the draft, edit it earnestly. Do not be afraid to trim too much. The more economical your use of words, the more powerful your statements sound. Also, make sure to weed out even the tiniest grammar and punctuation mistakes because they will not be tolerated by the admissions officers. Can I pay someone to do my personal statement editing? Sure! We have many highly-trained editors who will happily help you improve your draft.

Order a Personal Statement in 3 Simple Steps

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    Send us your writing instructions and relevant details about yourself, which can be used to craft a personal statement.
  • Step 2
    Reimburse your writer by using any available payment processing option.
  • Step 3
    Download a freshly-written personal statement on your computer.


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