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Guide to Writing an Essay

The basic structure of an essay remains the same irrespective of the purpose of the essay. You may be writing an essay to voice your arguments or point of view on a particular topic, provide information on the topic or enumerate the different stages of a process. Whatever the type and purpose of the essay writing is, you will be basically following the same format while writing an essay.

Once you are familiar with the basic structure of writing an essay, you will realize that essay writing becomes easier, as you have to basically provide information under different heads. All the same, writing an essay involves a lot of research, analysis and writing down your point of view and arguments in a clear and easy language.

Steps To Get Started With Writing an Essay


When the topic of your essay writing is already identified, all you have to do is to think seriously about the assigned topic. You may have to write a general overview if the topic is a general one, "Agriculture" for example. But if you are interested in writing a specific aspect of the topic, then it is better to narrow it down to a specific subtopic like "Agriculture in London".

If the topic has not been assigned yet, you are free to choose the topic of your interest. Think of the following questions to guide you when choosing a suitable topic for essay:

What Is the Purpose of Writing Essay?

One helpful tip is to identify the purpose of writing an essay. It can be to provide information on a particular place, person or thing, or to make your readers accept your point of view or any other reason for writing an essay. However, make sure that the topic you choose suits the purpose of your essay writing.

What Are the Subjects That You Find Interesting?

Think of all the subjects that interest you, brainstorming can lead you to a number of topics that you may find suitable for writing an essay. It can be some memorable experience in your life, an important person, an idea, or anything that you would like to share with others in your essay writing. Make a list of all these subjects which can be developed as a suitable topic for an essay.

What Are Your Views About the Topic?

The next step would be to consider each topic of your essay writing and analyze them individually. You may be interested in the topic, but also make sure that you have sufficient information, or can at least generate sufficient ideas on the subject.

Once you have identified the topic of your writing, what remains is to get your ideas neatly laid out in an outline to organize your essay writing. The next step would be to get acquainted with the basic structure of the essay that includes an Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Finally, you will be satisfied with the finished product only after you subject it to a number of readings and revisions.

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