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Preferred writer

After getting some positive experience with our company, many customers want to order from the same writer. To take advantage of this option, choose our “My previous writer” feature. Just mention the ID of your previous writer and if this writer is not available, we will find another equally professional expert in your subject. Keep in mind that you can ask for the same writer only on the deadlines no less than 24 hours. Due to the urgency of your task, the price will rise according to the deadline you specify and the level of the writer at the moment of your order, which can be TOP or Advanced one’s. To get a highly advanced writer, you can use our paid features: the premium “TOP writer” and the “Advanced writer”, depending on how much you are ready to invest in the extra quality. Whichever you choose, you’re likely to be satisfied – just as most of our customers!
David, Phoenix:
“I am quite particular about what kind of writing I get out of my order, and the best way to ensure that I get the style and diction I want is to select the writer that I trust. So I always use the preferred writer option and I have never been disappointed.”
Stuart, Austin:
“The best writers are always the most experienced ones, and if you have to pay a little bit extra to have them write your essay for you, then go for it! The Preferred writer feature makes it possible to select the writer you would like to write for you. It really shows in the end result.”
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VIP customer service

When you have an important writing task on your agenda, the worries can be overwhelming. As our experience shows, they can be greatly reduced if you become our #1 customer! You can enjoy the special attention of our Customer Support Representatives as well as the possibility of SMS notifications on the status of your order. You will be absolutely certain that no matter how many orders we have, yours will be the TOP priority! The feature is available for $14.99.
Donnie, New Jersey:
“I don’t know why all these service websites don’t have better customer service because it is the key way they can hang on to a user. The VIP customer service is the reason I stick by this service besides great essays of course. I have counted on them throughout my undergraduate academic career!”
Woodrow Black, Atlanta:
“Thank god this service does not add to the heap of shoddy websites! They have this excellent feature called VIP customer service where your essay is written without time lag by a top writer and you get updated about the progress of your order. I was given top priority when I ordered my essay because I signed up for this feature. Made me feel good!”
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Plagiarism report

Modern academic writing is greatly challenged by plagiarism. If your paper is written poorly, you only get a bad mark; if your paper is plagiarized, you fail completely. This is why we work with WebCheck to secure profound anti-plagiarism analysis. Though this extra is not necessary for everyday writing, it makes perfect sense to be double safe and have official proof that your document is original. The prices for this extra are listed below.

Double-spaced pages:

  • 1-10 pages - $9.99 plus $1 for each additional page

Single-spaced pages:

  • 1-5 pages - $9.99 plus $2 for each additional page
Walter Doyle, Brighton:
“Plagiarism can get you in big trouble for sure. The rules are so tight and the professors have the fanciest software to catch you at it. So the best thing to do is to get the Plagiarism report from this website for any essay you are going to give in. It comes at a small fee and is worth the money.”
Phillip, London:
“There’s this story in our university of the guy who tried to pass of Žižek’s essay as his own! How hilarious is that! But admittedly, we all need inputs for our homework and we often borrow and improvise from here and there, so I find it a good thing to get a Plagiarism Report at this service so that I don’t end up a butt of jokes like that guy!”
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Abstract page

Writing an Abstract requires special skills and practice – it can be super challenging, especially in case of sophisticated multipage documents. Luckily, you can totally rely on help provided by our writers. With this feature you will get a great concise summary, which will be in line with all the academic requirements.
Margaret, London:
“The more essay writing services I use, the more I realize that these guys can rescue you from the tyranny of the term paper. They will not only save your neck with a solid essay, they will also add the impressive addition of an Abstract Page at little extra cost. Surely, you get more than the payoff in grades!”
Gladys, Dublin:
“One of the super things at this service is that they have this cool feature called Abstract Page that I always use. Its little details like this that make your paper look authentic and open the doors for you to get through a top university. I’m so glad my friend told me about this website and I discovered all of the cool features available here.”
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Sources Used

By purchasing "Sources Used", you will receive a digital version of the sources the writer used to complete your order. The extra is available in your control panel. If possible, the writer will send you the sources in .doc/.docx/.pdf or another format. In case printed or online materials were used as a source, you will receive print screens or images of the pages used. The materials will be uploaded after the order is delivered.
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Table of Contents/Outline

Want a good looking table of contents to accompany your paper? Get one from us with the "Table of Contents/Outline" extra. Available in your control panel.
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Editor's Check

Want to make sure there are no grammar and punctuation mistakes in your work? Or you know for sure and want us to correct them? Choose this extra in your personal account on the order page and receive the final version of the highest quality. Once added, the ultimate price for your order will be calculated automatically.

Save with us:


  • If your order price is above $100010%
  • If your order price is above $5005%

Unlike other services, we provide the following features for free:

  • FREE plagiarism check$10
  • FREE revisionsfrom $6/page
  • FREE reference page$6
  • FREE email delivery$3
  • FREE title page$5
  • FREE formatting$5
  • Total savings:from $35

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