How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Writing a good persuasive essay is not as difficult as it seems at the first sight. I believe that from time to time all people deal with similar tasks in real life. Remember your childhood, when you tried to persuade you mother to let you have a cat, or how you tried to convince your father that it was not you who had broken the window at school. Actually, it is rather a similar process.

When writing a persuasive essay, you need to bear in mind that your main aim is to convince your audience. Thus, first of all you need to identify your main idea and look at it from different sights. Then think over your target audience: whom you are going to persuade. You need to know clearly whether the audience is hostile to your point of view or not, whether they will try to argue it or will be neutral and accept your words quite eagerly. Taking into consideration the audience, you need to detach the strongest supporting ideas to convince it. Only after that will you be able to develop a plan.

Usually the following structure is used in this kind of essays:

  • Affecting introduction.
  • Persuasive main body.
  • Logical conclusion.

Affecting introduction

You need to make your introduction impressive, because it shapes the first impression about your work and on its basis people assess whether it is worth reading or not. This is an extremely important part of any persuasive essay, out of which one can come out either a winner or a loser. Your lead-in should grab readers’ attention and induce them to read you essay till the end. Introduction needs to be catchy, interesting and extraordinary. So, I advise you to start with unusual lead-in. For instance, you may quote a famous person, put a rhetorical question or start with an unusual fact. It will undoubtedly work! Do not forget that an affecting introduction should be short (only several sentences) and end up with a closing sentence that will bind this part with the main body. Persuasive main body In the main body you need to provide supporting evidence to your idea. You need to remember that in order to convince readers, you will have to use more than one opinion, you need strong facts or examples to back it up. Statement of the facts should be easy to understand, rather brief and direct. So, get rid of all the irrelevant information. Remember that you will hardly persuade people without being exact and precise. Besides, avoid ink-horn terms: your idea should be clear even for those readers who have never learnt anything about it before.

Logical conclusion

Your conclusion should reecho with the introduction. You need to refresh the readers’ emotions they felt while reading your essay. Believe me, it is not a waste of words, as it is the best way to persuade the readers to accept your idea.

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