How to Write a Personal Essay

Personal essay represents your personality to people. Usually this kind of essays expresses your qualities, while applying to college or university. That is why it is of high importance to prepare this part of application carefully.

Writing a personal essay is not as much complicated, as it seems. You can start with brainstorming and answer the following questions: What information might help to understand you better? What differs you from other students? Why do you have special interest in this field? What are your plans about future career? What personal skills do you have to increase your chances to succeed in this field?

Write down the answers and estimate them.

Next step is to find the appropriate beginning for your personal essay. You need to grasp attention, to let people get interested in your personality. So, your first paragraph should be original and thought-provoking. The good way to start the essay is to write about the life situation or an anecdote that led you to this field.

When you finish writing several drafts, you need to revise your essay using evaluative questions:

  • Does the first paragraph attract your attention?
  • Is your narrative interesting or makes you sleepy?
  • Is your portrayal positive? Is it honest?
  • Did you miss anything important concerning your work or academic experience?
  • Does your work contain any mistakes in grammar, spelling or style?

Effective personal statement is of extreme importance in the question of your entering professional and graduate schools. You need to remember that writing a successful personal essay takes time. You cannot complete it in one night. To be sure that your essay will reveal correct balance of academic and personal characteristics, you need to work hard to achieve the desired result.

Here is a list of tips for your personal essay writing:

  • Start to write early to have enough time for revision and rewriting.
  • Read the directions with attention. You need to answer the question directly, to present yourself as briefly and up to the point as you can.
  • Provide only truthful information about yourself.
  • Demonstrate your best side: keep in your mind that narrow focus is more interesting than generalization.
  • Speak in positive way, negative narrative can turn readers off.
  • Write about your greatest achievements and be proud of them.
  • Don't repeat the information.
  • Don't use clichés.
  • Don't be too extreme: too intellectual or too witty.

So, now you can choose the topic for your personal essay and apply the tips you've read. You are sure to produce the best piece of writing!

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